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HART Communicator-ALIA AHT530-HART FIELD Communicator-Handheld
AHT530 is a battery-powered, hand-held unit designed to configure, calibrate and troubleshoot to smart transmitter either remotely or at the unit. AHT530 allows you to establish communication with a Hart field instrument over the existing 4-20 mA DC lines, covering the five process variables of fl ...
ALIA DP D series-Diaphragm seal
ALIADP D series is a diaphragm seal product combining APT8000 / ADP9000 / ADP9000L transmitter, which designed for the high-viscosity/ granular/ high-temp./ high-corrosivity situation. D series diaphragm seal assembles Alia pressure/DP transmitter to form direct-mount / capillary-connections styl ...
Magmeter Alia Electromagnetic Flowmeter-Wafer Type,AMF500
ALIAMAG AMF500 Series is a wafer type electromagnetic Flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 25 to 200 mm. The AMF500 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage Pulp & Paper and many other applications. AMF500 Series magmeter could be used in compact ...
Paperless Recorder 4 Channels ALIA ARC800
ARC800 Series Paperless Recorder uses the most advanced technology and can apply to various industry applications. ARC800 is the product which with multi-channels, complete functions, easy operation, high accuracy,low power but high performance.And the series overcomes the old-fashioned paperless r ...
Fixed mounted Ultrasoinc Flowmeter AUF750 ALIA
AUF750 series is a fixed mounted, transit-time ultrasonic Flowmeter. It features clamp-on style transducers for non-invasive measurement of clean homogeneous liquid processes. This user friendly microprocessor based, field programmable flowmeter ensures that the flow of existing processes can be per ...
Alia Vortex Flowmeter,AVF7000 -Steam flow meter (with HART)
AVF7000 is a Vortex Flowmeter based on Von Karman theory of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of vortices are linearly proportional to the volumetric flow in the pipe. The AVF7000 is versatile flowmeter widely used for Gases, Steam & Liquid applications. There are no m ...
Ultrasonic Flowmeter Portable AUF600 ALIA
ALIASONIC AUF600 series is a portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement. Based on microprocessor and programmable flow measurement technique which allows no interruption of the process flow and has low installation costs. FEATURES 4 ...
AMF900 Electromagnetic Flowmeter ALIA Flange type
AMF900 Series is a flange type electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 10A to 2000mm. AMF900 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage pulp &paper and many other industrial fluid. AMF900 Series electromagnetic flowmeter could be used ...
Battery powered Converter,AMC4000 ALIA Electromagnetic Flowmeter
The Aliamag AMC4000 series converter is a microprocessor based intelligent transmitter that can be paired with any of the Alia AMF series sensors. The unit features multiple display parameters including flow rate, flow total, diagnostics, programming and troubleshooting. FEATURES Battery supply ...
Threaded type Alia Electromagnetic Flowmeter AMF301 water measurement
AMF301 Series is a threaded type electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 4 to 25 mm. The AMF301 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage, pulp & paper and many other industrial fluid. AMF301 Series electromagnetic flowmeter could be ...
ALIA AHV400-Separately Mounted /T-Type Direct Mounting 3-Valve /5-Valve Manifold
AHV400 series manifolds feature a horizontal body design. Manifolds are constructed out of bar-stock and forged material in 316 Stainless Steel as Standard. Standard models are available in 2-, 3-,5-way configurations together with a full range of connection types; custom designs are available on d ...
Ultrasoinc Energy Meter AUF200 -heating/cooling pipe by temperature sensor ALIA
AUF200 Series measure flow or energy of water running in heating/cooling pipe by temperature sensor based on ultrasonic flowmeter. It's simple, easy to install and battery powered, no need of external power. It can display flow rate, total flow, total heat, total cool, heat power and supply/return t ...
APT8000 Alia Smart Pressure Transmitter
APT8000 series is a digital pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. The APT8000 offer Configurations for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum including integrated solutions for industrial applications. FEATURES Updating time of output current in ...
Abbotsford CA Fake Netw Identity
Abbotsford CA Fake Netw Identity Buy Novelty id new identity novelty birth certificatate death certificate divorce certificates and more.. Custom designs your Club Member, Library, Student, Canadian, USA, Warranty, Identity, Insurance,International driver license, Permit, Diver, New Identity, F ...
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